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DIY Hot Cocoa Gift Kits

October 01, 2017
It’s more than a container, it’s a Hot Cocoa Snowman! With a big scoop of imagination and a few wintertime pantry staples, Ziploc® brand Twist 'n Loc® containers turn into whimsical holiday gifts. Prep a few to have homemade holiday gifts on hand!
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No matter how far these hot cocoa snowmen have to travel to reach their recipient, the leak-resistant seal on Ziploc® brand Twist 'n Loc® containers will keep the cocoa and candies fresh and safe in transit.
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Get creative with materials found around the house to add a personal touch! 


  • Craft scissors
  • Glue
  • Fabric scraps
  • Black and orange construction paper
  • Buttons
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Mini candy canes
  • Hot cocoa mix


  • 1 Draw a thin line of glue around the top of the lids of 2 Ziploc® brand Twist 'n Loc® small containers (pictured above). Place the base of the containers on top to glue in place and let the glue set.
  • 2 Twist these 2 Ziploc® brand Twist 'n Loc® containers together. Separate the lid and base of the third container and twist onto the top and bottom of stack to complete the tower.
  • 3 Time to decorate! Make a hat using black construction paper – cut out a circle for the brim and a long rectangle, rolled into a cylinder, for the top. An orange construction paper triangle becomes a carrot nose. Buttons and a strip of plaid fabric decorate the body. Glue everything in place and let dry.
  • 4 Fill the bottom Ziploc® brand Twist 'n Loc® container with hot cocoa mix, the middle container with candy canes and the top container with mini marshmallows. Twist to reassemble and it’s ready to gift!
For a delicious cup of cocoa, just add water (and maybe a dollop of whipped cream)!
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