DIY No-Sew Flower Shopping Bag

October 01, 2013
We love reusable shopping bags, especially when they’re just as fashionable as they are functional. That’s where this stocking stuffer comes in. It’s the perfect gift for the shopaholic in your life. It’s also super easy to make. No sewing skills required!


  • Colored felt
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Canvas tote


  • 1 Start with the largest flower first. Cut out 6 large petals of the same size. As you work, you can store the felt pieces in a Ziploc® brand Holiday Container.
  • 2

    Pinch the flat end of the large petal and secure with a dot of hot glue. Felt is a thick fabric, so you may need to press together for a few moments to ensure the glue does its job. Repeat for each large petal.

    Tip: To protect yourself from hot glue, consider wrapping your index fingers with a small piece of tape.

  • 3 Glue each petal together by dotting a half-inch of hot glue on each side. Again, you may need to press the petals together for a moment to make sure the glue dries in place.
  • 4 Cut a small circle out of a different color felt and glue to the center of the flower. You can choose to lay the flower on either side (facing up or facing down). Play with it and see what looks better to you.
  • 5 Create the medium-sized flower by cutting out 4 large hearts from one color fabric and 4 small hearts from another color. Arrange the large hearts together on the tote bag and glue them to the canvas. Then, arrange the smaller hearts on top of the large hearts and glue those down. To finish, add 2 different colored circles in the center.
  • 6 For the smallest flower, cut out 5 small teardrop shapes from the same color felt. Glue those down to the canvas tote bag, and finish with a small circle of a different color felt. Finally, add a quarter-sized dot of glue to the largest flower and place that on top of the other two flowers. The overlapping pattern adds visual interest and really pulls the piece together.
  • 7 Tip: Take this custom shopping tote the next time you run to the store, or give it away as a unique stocking stuffer for your favorite shopper.
DIY No-Sew Flower Shopping Bag
DIY No-Sew Flower Shopping Bag
DIY No-Sew Flower Shopping Bag
DIY No-Sew Flower Shopping Bag
DIY No-Sew Flower Shopping Bag
DIY No-Sew Flower Shopping Bag