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4 Games To Break The Cabin Fever

January 01, 2015
By this time of year, your kids are bouncing all over the walls. Any more time spent indoors and you fear for the safety of your home. It’s time to take back winter (and your house) by encouraging your kids to go outside. Try these 4 cabin fever fighters to get your kids outside (and you in the quiet indoors).

Game of Forts

Winter is here and you must protect your Kingdom. You have it on good authority that the neighbors are armed with balls of snow and moving in with great speed. Make haste! Gather your men and women and have them build an epic snow fort for protection. Ziploc® containers make the strongest of bricks. Their balls of snow will be no match for your fort—and the battle will go down in history. Game of Forts

Bury a hunt


Sure, snow is great for snowmen and snow angels. But you know what else it’s good for? Hiding things. If you have snow, then you have a perfect playing field for a scavenger hunt. You can use your yard, a local park, or nearby forest preserve. Fill Ziploc® containers with clues and then hide them in different areas—just don’t forget where you hid them :). Each clue will lead hunters to the next container until they find the last container, which can be filled with treats to eat at home with hot cocoa.

Bury a hunt

DIY Yellow (and other colors) Snow

Take arts and crafts away from the kitchen table and into the winter wilderness with DIY snow paint. Just beware of yellow snow jokes! DIY Yellow (and other colors) Snow


  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • Squirt bottles
All you have to do is mix food coloring with water to get an afternoon of play.

Ice Kings And Queens

It’s a rule that Ice Kings and Queens must decorate with winter crafts, and these outdoor DIY ice luminaries will do just the trick Ice Kings And Queens


  • 1 large Ziploc® container

  • 1 small Ziploc® container
  • Water
  • Rosemary, oregano
  • Winter berries

  • Citrus peels
  • Cold temperatures!


  • 1 Place a small Ziploc® container inside a large one and fill both with water. 
  • 2 Have your little Ice Royalty throw in the herbs, berries and peels to the outside container. Put it outside to freeze.
  • 3

    Once frozen, use warm water to separate the containers. 

  • 4 Place a candle (or battery-powered tea light) in the cavity, place along your porch and voila!