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A Family Night The Whole Family Can Agree On

January 07, 2014
Summer is the perfect time for family nights. But with everyone’s busy schedules (and teenagers who always have somewhere better to be) it can be hard to get together. Don’t give up! We’ve collected 5 quick and entertaining ways to hang out as a family. Everyone, even teens, will have a good time and you might learn something about each other in the process.

Movie theme night

Take movie night to the next level by giving the whole experience a common theme. Depending on what movie you settle on, craft everything else (food, activities, costumes) around the theme of the movie. Opting for a Western? Send out “Wanted” invites, make hotdogs over a fire and make sure everyone dresses in their best Western garb. Or try other themes like Superheroes, Princesses and Knights or Aliens/Scifi. Movie theme night

Biography night

Focus a family night on one person in your family. Come up with questions and have them write out their answers before hand. After dinner have family members guess how the person might have answered (game show style) before revealing the real answer. It’s a fun way to learn more about each other. Biography night

Create a family masterpiece

The family that makes art together, stays together. Especially if it’s one massive piece of art. Bring a big piece of canvas home and get the creative juices flowing. You can follow a theme or just let everyone do their thing, either way it’ll be an interesting and (possibly) beautiful keepsake! Create a family masterpiece

PJ ice cream run

After you tuck your kids in for the night, surprise them with an ice cream run in PJ's! Best surprise ever. PJ ice cream run

Build a fort-theater

Nothing beats building a fort, and the bigger the better. Try doing it around your television to create a unique movie-going experience. Build a fort-theater