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No More “Are We There Yet”

July 01, 2014
Road trips can be a lot of fun. But road trips with kids can be pretty chaotic. We’ve collected easy and entertaining tips to help keep the chaos contained and your road trip enjoyable. Who knows, the car ride itself might end up being the best part of your vacation. It’s all about the journey, right?

Cookie Sheet Activity Table

No More Are We There Yet
Who knew cookie sheets could make such fabulous activity tables? The flat, large surface is great for coloring, board games (like Road Trip Bingo), or crafts. Older kids can tape some embroidery string to it and fashion a friendship bracelet to commemorate the trip. Cookie Sheet Activity Table

Kid Kit – For Them

No More Are We There Yet
Preparation is key when it comes to keeping kids entertained in a car for long hours. Make a “fun bag” together the night before—fill a gallon size Ziploc® bag with things like games, crafts, stickers, coloring books, goofy sunglasses—or whatever else you can add to make the trip fun and exciting. Kid Kit – For Them

Road Trip Bingo

Keep kids of any age occupied with this easy, fun game. Customize your board depending on age—colors and road signs for little ones and unusual visuals for older kids. Create your own board or use an app, either way you’ll all have fun! Road Trip Bingo

Kid kit – For You

No More Are We There Yet
Sure, your kids get the “fun” bag, but you’ll count your lucky stars when you pull out your “parent essentials” bag. Pack things like wet naps, band-aids, pain relievers, sunscreen, tissues, paper towels, extra chargers, spare keys, chapstick, a change of clothes and sunglasses in a Ziploc® slider bag. It will save you a lot of time, stress and money. Kid kit – For You

Track your progress the old fashioned way

Paper maps don’t have to be a thing of the past! Let your kids track your trip’s progress with a printed map. They can color in states you’ve passed through, place stickers along the route or follow along with a paper car they decorated. They’ll love feeling included and if it’s a book of road maps, you’ll have a memento of family trips. Bonus: The more they know where they are, the less likely you’ll hear “Are we there yet?” Track your progress the old fashioned way

Road Trip Detective

Before you leave, check out what cities, National Parks or roadside attractions are along your route. Create “clue baggie rewards” with hints about the upcoming stop. Give out at the bag at a certain mile marker before you arrive. It will get the kids excited about what’s to come and they'll be behaved to get their reward.

Download clue bag toppers here!

Road Trip Detective

Family selfies

The family that selfies together, stays together. Taking fun photos along your route is an exciting way to track your trip—and make memories! Take a family selfie at every state line to get a good giggle both during and long after your trip. Family selfies