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Ziploc® Purroduct Reviews. By Cats.

January 01, 2015
Considering their passion for boxes, containers, plastic things and overall small areas—it’s about time we tapped into this extremely opinionated demographic’s mindset. So with the launch of a new Ziploc® product, we took to the streets! More specifically, the counters, wood floors, carpets, couches and under couches. So sit back, relax and check out our full reviews after the jump!


The Cat’s Meow: A Ziploc® Brand Review
My human seems to enjoy putting my toys in this container, which is...tiresome. It takes me awhile to get them out, and then she puts them in again. It might be convenient for her but. Come on. Can’t a gal catch a BREAK. Iggie_In_The_House


The Cat’s Meow: A Ziploc® Brand Review
The size, shape and feel of this particular chair-container leaves one’s mind free to wander. Yes, this is a seat for thinkers. It reminds me of my own size, my own thoughts, my own being. I prefer not to be disturbed while I sit in this sitting container. Great for a Caturday. Get out of my face. Mario_Le_Mew


The Cat’s Meow: A Ziploc® Brand Review
I like to put my ball in this and then sit as close to it as I can to remind EVERYONE that it is my ball. And if anyone touches my ball, they will know my wrath. But no one will get the ball, because it is protected. It’s a good container for protection.   Peeko_Kitty_Master


The Cat’s Meow: A Ziploc® Brand Review
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The Cat’s Meow: A Ziploc® Brand Review
OMG GREAT FOR PARTIES.  Paddy_loves_Margot


The Cat’s Meow: A Ziploc® Brand Review
I like how form fitting it is. It fits way more than you’d think it does. Like all my paws. And the 6 toys I’m sitting on. It’s very flattering.  TUckerrrrrrr_88888dafsdf


The Cat’s Meow: A Ziploc® Brand Review
I’ve heard my human say “it’s good for storing leftovers for late night snacks, Steve.” But if you ask me, it’s good for smelling all that leftover TOONA yummmmsss!!!! Paddy_cakes_for_days