Little Hands, Big Help: Kid-Friendly Chore Ideas

July 01, 2014

As busy moms (a.k.a chaos wranglers), we tend to clean when our kids are out or fast asleep. But it's so cute how much they want to help mommy! Let them, and maybe you'll get a moment to snap some photos and “humblebrag” online.

It’s all in the bucket

Small Chores, Big Help
Start with a colorful bucket kids can easily carry to keep their kid-friendly cleaning supplies in one place. Bright sponges can be used to wipe fingerprints off cabinets, and colorful towels to dust off tables. A Ziploc® bag with just a few paper towels allows little ones to help—but without unraveling the whole roll, which you know they love to do, given the chance.

Sorting (and learning) made easy

Small Chores, Big Help

At the end of every day, there’s a toy tornado to be tamed, but it’s the perfect chore storm for little ones. Use Ziploc® containers for organizing small toys, like building blocks. Print these color labels to make sorting (and learning colors) easier. Same goes for art supplies—kids can easily help sort them, especially with these handy printable labels . Glue them to jars and Ziploc® containers to organize items like colored pencils and crayons.

Dusting dust bunny

Small Chores, Big Help

No matter how much you clean, dust prevails. Good thing dusting’s an easy chore for even the littlest helpers. To make it super fun, add paper bunny ears to a duster—your kids will not only love how cute it is, they’ll learn to love dusting too. Make it a game by making the bunny “dance.” See just how dusty it can get!

Laundry lesson

Small Chores, Big Help

Have the kids help sort clean laundry! By creating separate bins for each family member, little ones can help put the laundry in the right bin. Whether it be smaller kids sorting socks, or bigger kids separating by family member, this can help you get through the laundry faster, with more time for fun!

Whistle while you work

Small Chores, Big Help

Music makes everything more fun, even a cleaning frenzy! Choose a kid-friendly playlist and have little ones complete a task in the length of a song. See how much they can pick up during one song or how many windows they can clean during another song. Fast, fun, and fabulous!