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4 Tips to Conquer Holiday Clutter

October 01, 2013

It’s no secret that the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful. Clutter seems to grow exponentially and your good ol’ to-do list grows with it. Follow these 4 simple tips to tackle the toughest part of the holidays.

Give then Get

Before a boatload of new presents takes over your home, consider finding things to donate. When you find toys or clutteraround the house, put the items in a Ziploc® brand Big Bag. If your family members want to keep the items, they must put them away. If the items remain unclaimed after a week, send them off to charity! Give then Get


It’s easy for holiday decorations to add up – you buy a few here and there every year, but never seem to get rid of any. This year, after you’ve finished decorating your house with the essentials, see what you have left over. If you can’t find a use for them, don’t just toss them back in the basement. Drop them off at your local hospital or senior center to spread holiday cheer while helping to de-clutter. De-Decorate

Decoration Limitation

Filling up the space in your home with holiday decorations is fine, but only if you have room to store them! For smaller spaces, buy cheaper, temporary decorations and donate them at the end of the season. Or for a greener idea, start collecting materials easily found in nature like branches from evergreen trees, pinecones, and berries and keep them in a Blue Limited Edition Ziploc® brand Holiday Container for fun holiday crafts. Decoration Limitation

Pass It On

If you’re planning on passing along a family heirloom, why wait? Do it during the holidays! Giving it to a loved one can breathe new life into the object, help you de-clutter, and check one more person off your nice list. Not to mention they’ll treasure it (and you) forever. Pass It On