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6 Tips To Organize The Monster Under Your Bed

December 05, 2016
Every storage area in the house gets an organizational makeover at some point—except for under the bed. Day after day, the mess continues to gain strength, growing into a monster of epic nightmare proportions. Destroy the monster with these under the bed storage tips on what to store and how to store it best. We’ll start from the back (least needed) and move forward.

Wrap up the holidays

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to put Rudolph and his wrapping paper to bed. Under the bed, to be exact. Put bows and flattened gift bags in separate gallon size Ziploc® brand bags and use old gift tags to label each bag (including the name-tag bag). Then place them all in a Ziploc® Flexible Tote bag. Band your wrapping paper together and place the whole lot (wrapping paper + tote bag) into an under-bed storage unit and shove to the way back. Wrap up the holidays
6 Tips To Organize The Monster Under Your Bed

Out of sight summer clothes

You won’t need your summery dresses anytime soon (sigh) so take your warm-weather clothes out of your closet and place them in a Ziploc® Space Bag®. Store your sandals in gallon size Ziploc® brand bags with dryer sheets to keep them fresh. Place all your bags in an under-bed storage unit and place it in back for a sunny day. Bonus idea: Leave fun little notes for kids and a crisp $20 bill for yourself – makes for a great unpacking surprise. Out of sight summer clothes

High school in a shoe box

Ah, high school memories. Perfect for perusing every 10 years or so...and then shoving right back under the bed. If you’re not up to making a scrapbook (next year, right?) it’s time to take those mementos out of the shoebox. Organize memories by year in Ziploc® brand bags and place them in a (nice) storage box—it’ll keep you organized and get you one step closer to making that scrapbook. High school in a shoe box

Sewing Room

Sewing room extras seem to pile up anywhere there’s extra space. You can keep your second sewing room under your bed—just organize it like you would a desk. Put your fabric in a Ziploc® Space Bag®, your yarn and thread in another and place your “tools” in Ziploc® containers. Then put everything in an under-bed storage container and slide it right in. Sewing Room
6 Tips To Organize The Monster Under Your Bed

Under the bed library

Need a place to store your extra books and magazines, but can’t stand another pile? Try placing your extra reading materials in a basket on wheels under your bed. If you store them right below you, you can easily grab a new book or magazine to read before bed. Under the bed library

Socks + delicates overflow

Not all our socks and delicates fit into the dresser, especially during the winter (all that wool!). Organize and separate your socks, tights, etc. according to color and place in gallon sized Ziploc® brand bags to keep your pretty drawers from turning into a snarly mess. Then bring some dresser drawers down under (the bed) with DIY under-bed drawers. Find old (“vintage”) dresser drawers at garage sales for cheap, screw wheels on the bottom and voila—pretty, moveable under the bed storage.  Socks + delicates overflow