Tame That Linen Closet

December 07, 2016
The longer winter drags on, the more disorganized and overstuffed our linen cabinets become. Rather than add to the winter madness, let’s whip that beast into shape with these easy organization tips. Take a breath and open the door—that linen closet might have roared through the winter, but now it’s time to take it down to lamb status.

Create a mess to get clean

First things first: pull everything out of the closet. That’s right—you’ve got to take everything out (gasp!) to decide what goes back in. If you can’t find a reason to keep those old sheets, it’s time to say bye-bye. While it’s empty, give it a good wipe down. Instead of dealing with paint, try using contact paper to line your shelves.

Honey I shrunk the blankets


Free up valuable real estate by storing infrequently used items in large Ziploc® Space Bags®. They compact bulky winter quilts, extra sheets, and other space-hogs. Now your big items are tiny, out of the way and safe from menacing dust bunnies.

Teach your old closet new tricks

Keep sheet sets sorted and organized by folding the sheets neatly and storing them in their matching pillowcase on the shelf. You’ll never have to dig for that missing fitted sheet again!