6 Ways Ziploc® Products Can Simplify Summer

July 01, 2014

If you’re not careful, chaos can leak into anything—your car, your work, your family, your kitchen, and yes, even summer. Sometimes it feels like nothing is safe! Before you lock yourself in a closet, follow these 6 ways Ziploc® products can make your summer a little easier.

Make your own soft serve


Did you know that storing your ice cream in a Ziploc®  Freezer Bag will leave you with soft and scoopable ice cream?  Rather than let it sit out for a few minutes to the deafening chorus of “I want ice cream NOW!”, store it in a Ziploc® Freezer bag for instant gratification.

Contain summer showers


Summer showers bring slippery messes. Store your drippy umbrella in a gallon size Ziploc® bag, or a Ziploc® Big Bag for a super umbrella, when you need to tuck it into your desk, bag, car or drawer. Less mess for everyone!

Cut corners on deviled eggs


Class up your deviled eggs at the next barbeque by piping in the yummy filler. Just cut the corner of a Ziploc® Freezer bag and use it as a piping bag. Now they’ll look as good as they taste.

Save your celery

Keep your celery from wilting in the summer heat for a few more days. After washing, cut the ends off each stalk and place them in a Ziploc® container with water. It will keep your celery crisp and snack ready.

No mess ice packs


Summer calls for ice packs. Lots of them. But they can get pretty messy and expensive, especially if your child forgets to bring them back. Make your own ice packs by freezing a sponge in a Ziploc® bag. Once the water begins to melt, the sponge soaks the water back up. Plus the superior seal of Ziploc® bags keep any extra drippings sealed away.

Avocado keepers

If you find yourself with leftover avocado this summer, we’ve got a way for you to keep it fresh. First, make sure to keep the half with the pit in. Then cover it with a wet paper towel, squeeze on some lemon juice and store the whole thing in a Ziploc® sandwich bag in your fridge.