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Big Ideas for a Tiny Dorm Room

July 01, 2014
Back to school takes on a whole new meaning when “school” is college. Goodbye crayons and packed lunches, hello required reading lists and tiny dorm rooms! Help your college student fly from your nest into a much tinier nest with this kit. Just assemble the products and print off our “how to” list below.


  • Binder Clips
  • Pop tabs
  • Ziploc® products

Binder clips

Survival Kit For Small Places
1. Maximize your mini fridge by keeping your pop bottles neatly stacked with binder clips.
2. Hang pictures with binder clips. Loop the silver part over a nail and clip onto your poster. You won’t have to put holes in your art or risk tearing it with tape.
3. Keep your cords tangle-free by organizing them with binder clips. Just clip them to your desk and slide each chords through. Bonus: decorate your binder clips with washi tape (available at local craft stores) to keep it looking cute!
Survival Kit For Small Places

Ziploc® containers

Survival Kit For Small Places

Ziploc® containers

1. Nail polish bottles multiply like bunnies. Contain the chaos by keeping them in a Ziploc® container. You can even organize by color!

2. Keep your cereal and other pantry items fresh and organized in your tiny pantry by sealing them in Ziploc® containers. 

3. Make cleaning a microwave way easier by microwaving a container of water first. About 90 seconds should do it. Depending on the mess.

Pop tabs

Survival Kit For Small Places
1. Save space in your tiny closet by doubling up your hangers with pop tabs. Pop tabs

Ziploc® bags

Survival Kit For Small Places
1. Buying in bulk is awesome until you have to find room for all those boxes. Just take the snacks out of boxes and store only what you need in Ziploc® bags. For the super snacker, try saving them in Ziploc® Big Bags. Boom.

2. Cords can be the worst. So just put each cord in a Ziploc® bag (with binder clips as an added organized bonus) and skip the messy headache.

Survival Kit For Small Places

3. Rather than getting your balls everywhere, store your sports equipment (like soccer balls, footballs or volleyballs) in Ziploc® Big Bags. Use the handles to easily grab your equipment and go.

4. Laundry day doesn’t come often in college. Store super stinky clothes in Ziploc® flexible totes to contain the stench! The handles make for easy transport and the superior seal makes for a happy roommate.

5. Store out of season clothes, extra blankets and pillows in Ziploc® Space Bags® or Ziploc® flexible totes and place them in an out-of-sight, out-of-mind place.

Survival Kit For Small Places