Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Ever since I invested in a waffle iron, I’ve been dreaming up ways to use it more and more. In my latest research, I discovered that I can use it as a sandwich press—aka a perfect quick and easy way to make a grilled cheese, especially during hectic mornings.


    Sliced sandwich bread
    Cheddar cheese
    Cooked bacon




  • 1 Make a sandwich of sliced cheese and cooked bacon strips. 
  • 2 Butter the outside of your sandwich, place it in the waffle iron and press! 
  • 3 Cook until golden and perfect and melty—mmmmmm! Remove and top with your favorite eggs (I like a fried egg). If your morning needs a little kick, drizzle on a bit of hot sauce!

    Photography by Jason Mai 
Joanna Hawley