Guava Paste and Brie Wrap

5 minutes
Makes 4 wraps
The sophisticated combination of guava paste, apricot preserves, and fresh plum mixed with ham and brie is sweet yet salty—and irresistible! If you can’t find guava paste, it’s okay, this wrap’s got enough going on to be amazing without it. (And if you’re vegetarian, simply hold the ham.)


    Sun dried tomato basil wraps
    Apricot preserves
    Guava paste slices
    Ham slices (optional)
    Brie cheese slices
  • 1
    red plum, sliced


  • 1 Warm wraps in a skillet until pliable. Spread 2 tablespoons of apricot preserves and arrange the guava paste slices, ham (if using), Brie, and plum.
  • 2 Fold in sides as shown.
  • 3 Cut in fourths for easy storage and attractive presentation. Place in a Ziploc® brand bag.  
  • 4 Store leftover cheese and sliced fruit in Ziploc® brand storage bags, and the guava paste in a Ziploc® container.