Watermelon Sorbet in a Ziploc® brand bag

The only thing better than an afternoon snack, is an afternoon snack that will keep the kids entertained. And this sorbet in a bag does the trick. All you need is half a cup of fruit purée and some little hands to shake, shake, shake it up! Our recipe calls for watermelon, but you can substitute any fruit to make your favorite flavor.


  • 1

    Ziploc® Freezer Gallon Bag
  • 1

     Ziploc® Freezer Quart Bag
  • 6
    tbsp rock salt
    Ice cubes
  • ½
    cup watermelon purée 
    Optional: cream, sugar


  • 1 Empty one full tray of ice cubes into the  Ziploc® Freezer Gallon Bag. Add 6 tablespoons rock salt.
  • 2 Pour the watermelon purée into the Ziploc® Freezer Quart Bag (to make it creamier, add one cup of cream and a tablespoon of sugar here). Squeeze out all of the air and check that you securely seal the bag.
  • 3 Place the quart bag into the gallon bag full of ice.
  • 4 Wrap the bag in a towel and shake it for five minutes.
  • 5 Remove the bag that once held the fruit purée, and check out your fresh bag of sorbet! Wipe the ice, salt and water off the outside of the sorbet bag so it doesn’t get in the sorbet.
  • 6 Scoop into a bowl and enjoy!