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Desktop Dining

February 08, 2016
Busy work days often translate to eating “al desko.” So why not treat yourself to a relaxing picnic for one? Turn your desk drawers into a pantry and treat your short break as a time to not just eat lunch, but to mentally nourish yourself.

Create A Desk “Pantry”

Desktop Dining
Set aside some drawer space and organize forks, knives, spoons, and even chopsticks in Ziploc® Twist ‘n Loc® containers. Don’t toss those sauces from your take out meals. Hold onto soy sauce, ketchup, and other favorite toppings and organize them in Ziploc® brand snack bags. If you love hot sauces, keep an assortment on hand to spice up your midday meal. Create A Desk “Pantry”

Bring Tools From Home

Desktop Dining
To make things even easier, keep a small cutting board on hand. It will come in handy for slicing fresh fruits and veggies, wedges of cheese, or that huge sandwich you packed! Bring Tools From Home

Stock Up On Snacks

Desktop Dining
Stop spending money at the vending machine and stock up on snacks that keep you going throughout the day. Keep nuts in a Ziploc® Extra Small container nearby to help you beat the afternoon slump and stuff Ziploc® Snack Bags with granola for a quick breakfast or snack by the handful. Fruit that can sit at room temperature, such as oranges and apples, is also perfect for keeping at your desk.  Stock Up On Snacks

Take A Mental Break

Desktop Dining
As you fuel your body, don’t forget to feed your soul. Place a plant on your desk for a little bit of freshness, get lost in a good book (bonus: it’s a great way to give your eyes a break from screen strain), or listen to a podcast for meditation. Need a more intense pick me up? Keep a yoga mat and some weights at your desk and squeeze in a mini workout. Take A Mental Break
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