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Top Tips for Freezing Food

July 05, 2016
We’re not exaggerating when we say that learning how to properly prep and freeze foods ahead of time will change your life. Parents all over the world are turning to quick and easy freezer-friendly meals to save time on breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t be left out in the cold; these top tips and tricks should turn you into a freezer believer.

1. Fill ‘Er Up

The less room there is for warm air to occupy the freezer, the less it has to work. More food = more efficient. It’s just another reason to prep and freeze more meals. You can also fill several Ziploc® brand freezer bags with water to occupy more space.

2. Portion Control

Freeze individual portions to avoid having to defrost or reheat an entire batch of food at once. Portion soup using a muffin tray and store inside a Ziploc® brand freezer bag. Or freeze two slices of bread in individual sandwich bags before placing them in a freezer bag, for easier sandwich-making.

3. Chill Out

If you put food that’s still warm in the freezer you run the risk of raising its temperature and partially thawing the surrounding foods. If you’re in a hurry, cool food faster by putting it in an ice bath.

4. Freeze Green

Keep veggies like peas, asparagus and broccoli from turning brown in the freezer with this simple tip: boil them for 30 seconds first, then put them right into an ice bath. 

5. Thaw Raw Meat

Although thinner cuts of fish or burger patties may be okay, avoid cooking raw poultry or large pieces of meat without thawing first to avoid uneven and unsafe cooking temperatures.