Hacks For The Holidays

September 11, 2016
The holidays are a time to create wonderful memories. They’re also hectic: a blur of tangled lights, sticky hands, snow-caked mittens, wrapping paper, and ribbons—but Ziploc® brand bags and containers can help you stay organized, so you can enjoy the season and make memories along the way!

Color inside the bag

Hacks for the Holidays
Kids love to help in the kitchen, and it’s a great way to get them involved in family traditions. So next time you’re baking cookies, let them help color the dough!
Put your cookie dough into Ziploc® brand bags, add a couple drops of food coloring, seal the bag, and let your kids knead and mix the color in. When they’re done, you’re left with festive cookies…and stain-free hands!

Make no mess, no fuss muffins

Whether you’re whipping up a batch of muffins for your out-of-town guests to enjoy in the morning, or just baking your favorite family recipe, we’ve got a great way for your little ones to help—all while containing chaos!
Hacks for the Holidays
Pour the batter into Ziploc® brand bags. Seal the bag, make a small cut in one corner, and let your little ones fill the muffin cups. Bam! No more batter all over the muffin tin, the counter, and everyone’s hands! Even small children can do it, and the result is delicious, evenly sized muffins (and an easy pan to clean).

Give swirls a whirl

Hacks for the Holidays
This year, instead of choosing between vanilla and chocolate frosting for your cupcakes, use both! Using a combination of Ziploc® brand bags, a decorator tip, and coupler, we’ll show you how to make beautiful cupcakes with swirled frosting! Pretty to look at, delicious to eat, and no decisions required!


  • Two quart-sized Ziploc® brand bags
  • One gallon-sized Ziploc® brand bag
  • Two flavors of your favorite frosting (the thicker the better)
  • Large decorator tip with coupler (available at most craft stores)


  • 1 First, fill each quart-sized Ziploc® brand bag with one flavor of frosting. For easy filling, use empty glasses, drape the quart-sized Ziploc® brand bags over the glasses, and spoon the frosting into the bags. Fill the bags about ¼ full of frosting.
  • 2 Next, flatten each Ziploc® brand bag, seal, and lay on top of one another matching one corner up.
  • 3 Fit the large, gallon-sized Ziploc® brand bag with the base of the coupler as shown, and snip the corner.
  • 4 Carefully place the two quart-sized Ziploc® brand bags inside the gallon-sized Ziploc® brand bag, and pull the matched up corners through the opening.
  • 5 Snip the corners of the two quart-sized Ziploc® brand bags.
  • 6 Fit the tip onto the coupler base.
  • 7 Apply even pressure from the top of the Ziploc® brand bag down, allowing the frosting to dispense.
  • 8 Frost your cupcakes by circling around the outside, then slowly moving in until you reach the center.

    Beautiful cupcakes with the best of both worlds…chocolate AND vanilla!
Hacks for the Holidays

Design a DIY drawer sachet

Hacks for the Holidays
The holidays are full of yummy smells. From the cookies baking in the kitchen to the fresh cut tree in the living room, certain scents define the season and fill our memories. Capture some of the season’s best scents, and fill the drawers of your guest room or hall closet with these DIY drawer sachets!


  • Fresh cut pine needles
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Dried berries
  • Dried oranges
  • Small pin
  • Ziploc® brand holiday bags


  • 1 Simply fill Ziploc® brand holiday bags with scents that remind you of the season. Fresh cut pine needles, dried oranges and berries, and spices like cinnamon and cloves!
  • 2 Using a pin, poke small holes in the bag. Then, throw it in the guest bedroom dresser,  your linen closet, or the bin full of hats and gloves!
Hacks for the Holidays

Make a holly jolly pack

Hacks for the Holidays
Make guests feel at home with helpful hospitality bags! Fill a Ziploc® brand holiday bag with things your guest might need or enjoy. Some mouthwash, hand sanitizer, and facial cleansing wipes are a good start. And while your guests might say they love your furry family members, it’s still a good idea to throw in a mini lint roller. An on-the-go snack will also be appreciated.

Craft an art binder

Hacks for the Holidays
Kids’ crafts go hand-in-hand with the holidays. Whether it’s a masterpiece they created at school, a homemade ornament they made at their friend’s house, or a smiling snowman they drew at the kitchen table, keep them all organized and safe in Ziploc® brand bags inside a binder.


  • Three ring binder
  • Gallon-sized Ziploc® brand bags
  • Heavy duty tape (~1.5” - 2” thick)
  • Three-ring hole punch (or single hole punch)
  • Scissors
  • Label for front of binder (We used some chalkboard washi tape and a chalk marker.)


  • 1 First, reinforce the side of your Ziploc® brand bag with heavy duty tape. Simply adhere a strip on the front and back of bag and trim at top.
  • 2 Next, punch your three holes in your bag. If you’re using a three hole punch this is easy. If using a single hole punch, first measure where your holes need to go to match up with the rings of the binder.
  • 3 Place the bags into your binder, and fill with all that art!
Hacks for the Holidays

Let there be (tangle-free) lights

Hacks for the Holidays

When the holidays are over, and it’s time to pack up the decorations, do yourself a huge favor and keep all your tree trimmings organized with Ziploc® brand bags. From strings of lights and festive garland to ornament hooks, it’s hard to keep it all from becoming tangled in one giant mess.

Keep strings of lights separated into individual Ziploc® brand bags. Use different sizes depending on the size of the lights and strands.

Keep your festive garland and trimmings in clear bags.

Keep track of all those small ornament hooks, and seal them in a small snack size Ziploc® brand bag.

Next year, when it comes time to trim the tree, you’ll be thanking yourself when you pull out a bin full of separated, organized, and labeled decorations.