3 Tips and Tricks For Bathroom Organization

April 26, 2017

They’re more than bags and containers; they’re bathroom accessory organizers. Think outside the kitchen and into the bathroom and get inspired by these three tips. Add a little imagination, and mix and match Ziploc® brand bags and containers to create the perfect custom solutions for your space. 

1. Keep all your bits and baubles contained

Don’t let small accessories get lost in the madness of a cluttered drawer. Keep your favorite items safely stored in one place with Ziploc® brand seal top bags and Ziploc® brand containers. Just slide the bags closed using the Smart Zip Plus® seal. Our space-saving design helps make room for even more fun stuff! 


If one hand gets tied up while you’re getting ready, the Easy Open Tabs can be opened with just one free hand – making every bag of barrettes and bobby pins accessible!

2. Make an Ombre Lipstick Library

In a Ziploc® brand medium rectangle container, organize lipstick from darkest to lightest to create an ombre makeup holder. With the colored stickers facing up, finding the shade you’re searching for only takes a second. When makeup time is over, put the lid back on the container. The strong One Press Seal will keep everything in place, so there's no need to worry about spills or messes.

3. Build your own brush holder

This DIY brush holder looks great on a countertop and helps keep brushes clean. 

To make, decorate a Ziploc® Twist ‘n Loc® medium container with patterned tape, ribbon or any craft supply you can imagine, then fill it halfway with bath salts or aquarium gravel to keep brushes in place and add a little sparkle to your setup.