Save Summer from these Sticky Messes

July 01, 2014
Summer might not be sticky proof, but there are plenty of ways to try and keep the stickies at bay. Avoid melty messes and sticky situations with these tricks.

Popsicle juice catcher

Keep The Summer Stickies At Bay
Ah, the popsicle...the biggest, jerkiest messiest instigator of them all. Since there’s no way of saying “no” to a popsicle on a hot summer day, try putting a muffin liner at the base of this refreshing treat. It should catch a good amount of juice, plus it looks kinda neat.

Pack a fresh change of clothes

Keep The Summer Stickies At Bay
Go ahead and roll your eyes, but you can't deny that having more than a couple changes of clothes handy is a good idea. Either way, just a reminder to be prepared by packing a few different clothing items in a Ziploc® bag.

Zip up melty toys in bags

Keep The Summer Stickies At Bay
Any toys that look like they might melt, will. And in the worst places—do liquefied crayons in car cup holders, army man parts stuck to dashboards and play putty on your clothes and hair come to mind? Zip those wannabe melty messes away in Ziploc® bags.

Surrender to the kiddie pool

When all else fails—and we all know there will be days when it does—just plop the kids in a kiddie pool and let them go to town on that popsicle. When you can’t fight them, join them, ya know?