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Halloween Party Hacks

October 01, 2014

With Halloween comes responsibility: Costumes to be made, candy to be procured, and parties to attend—or throw. Swap way-too-complicated crafts and recipes for these easy-peasy party hacks, and maybe you’ll finally make that trip to the apple orchard this fall! And bake an apple pie. No pressure.

Say yes to creativity (and no to carving)

Halloween Party Hacks

Skip the mess, burning wax, and cut fingers—this year, skip the knife altogether. Draw on orange and white balloons instead. Silly faces, scary faces, abstract designs, anything goes. Make it a decorating contest for guests, or something fun for the kids to do in advance!

Say yes to creativity (and no to carving)


  • Permanent markers in your choice of colors
  • Green curling ribbon and scissors
  • Orange balloons, try using different sizes and colors


  • 1 Blow up each balloon.
  • 2 Draw faces, designs, etc.
  • 3 Add green curling ribbon to the top, and you’ve got festive, mess free pumpkins!


Halloween Party Hacks
Here’s some Halloween tabletop décor you can have all wrapped up in an instant, using gauze or just plain ol’ toilet paper! WRAPPED IN A SNAP MUMMY VASES


  • Cylinder shaped vase(s)
  • Large googly eyes
  • Flowers
  • Toilet paper or white gauze
  • Double-sided tape


  • 1 If using toilet paper, start by using the double-sided tape to secure the first end near the top of the vase. If using gauze, there’s no need to use tape, it will magically secure itself!
  • 2 Wrap vase in toilet paper or gauze until covered. Have fun creating layers as you wrap to get that “mummy” look!
  • 3 If using toilet paper, tear and secure end near the bottom back of the vase. If using gauze, just cut it to desired length, and it should secure itself.
  • 4 Add eyes to front of vase using a small piece of double sided tape.
  • 5 Fill with water and flowers of your choice.
Check out how quick and easy it is to create these vases:


Halloween Party Hacks
These simple but oh-so-festive cookies will cast a spell on you and your guests, with no mixing, no mess, and no hot oven! Make a batch of 24 in less than ten minutes.


  • For hats
  • Chocolate wafers
  • Ziploc® brand bag
  • Jumbo chocolate chips
  • Peanut butter
  • Optional: decorator’s tip (we used a star-shaped tip for fun)
  • For brooms
  • Peanut butter cups
  • Pretzel sticks


  • 1 For hats
  • 2 Fill Ziploc® brand bag (fitted with decorating tip if you choose) with peanut butter and snip corner.
  • 3 Squeeze peanut butter onto wafer and create a small circle in center.
  • 4 Press jumbo chocolate chips on top of peanut butter.
  • 5 For brooms
  • 6 Simply unwrap peanut butter cup and flip upside down on a tray
  • 7 Press pretzel stick into center
Watch to see how simple and quick it is to create a batch of these:


Halloween Party Hacks
Ghost poop? Sure, it sounds gross, but that’s the point—if little kids are at your party, this is just the kind of thing that will crack them up. Throw some marshmallows (we used both regular size and mini ones) in a white Ziploc® holiday container, add a sign and a serving spoon, and let the sillies begin. SNACK UP, CRACK UP


Halloween Party Hacks
Make a spooktacular sweets station! Set out some skewers or long lollipop sticks with two flat ends (no sharp ends for the little partiers). Add bowls or Ziploc® holiday containers filled with soft and skewable candy such as gummy worms or marshmallows, and let your guests take a stab! DIY CANDY SKEWER STATION


Halloween Party Hacks
Don't forget about the guest bathroom! With some black paper and a little double sided tape, you can create some spooky (or friendly) ghosts out of toilet paper. PEEK-A-BOO! BATHROOM GHOSTS


  • Toilet paper
  • Black cardstock
  • Double sided tape


  • 1

    Cut circles and ovals out of black cardstock.

  • 2

    Apply a small piece of double sided tape to the back of the black paper piece and stick onto toilet paper roll.