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Rebuilding After A Bedroom Toy Storm

December 04, 2016
Sigh, your kid’s bedrooms—or what we lovingly refer to as “the disaster zone.” What the heck happens in there? No matter how many rules, pick up songs, or reminders from mom, it continues to look like a toynado-storm-of-the-century just touched down. When it seems as though the floor—along with any sense of organization—may simply be gone forever, turn to these kid-friendly organizational tips and space savers to keep their rooms at a level 3 (at the very least).

Have your kids change the system

Creativity is wonderful, but it’s a bit messy (to put it mildly). Unless you use it to create organization! Make organizing supplies fun and interactive with these labels. Simply print the labels on adhesive paper and have your kids decorate them with markers, colored pencils, crayons...even fancy glitter! Stick the labels on Ziploc® brands bags and watch as your kids sort and organize their supplies—all by themselves. The easy open tabs mean kids can have an even easier time organizing all that fun. You crafty mom, you. Have your kids change the system
Rebuilding After A Bedroom Toy Storm

Stop climbing the walls (and start using them instead)

A kid’s desk tends to get lost under a pyramid of toys, crafts, socks and who knows what else. Let’s bring the desk back to its rightful sit-down-and-do-work honor by clearing up some of that precious space. By hanging toys and supplies on the wall in a Ziploc® brand bag, you might actually be able to see (and use!) the desk. Stop climbing the walls (and start using them instead)
Rebuilding After A Bedroom Toy Storm


  • Ziploc® brand bags
  • Small piece of utility tape (preferably in some fun patterns or colors)!
  • Hole punch


  • Simply fold a small piece of tape over the easy-open tab on the Ziploc® brand bags.
  • Punch a hole through the tape and tab using a hole punch.
  • Grab a hook, and hang!
  • Tip: With everything on display in clear bags, finding that perfect ribbon or superhero sidekick is a breeze!

Color-coded clean up

Toys. Jumbled up toys are to blame for most chaotic things. But we’ve finally come up with an easy, but super organizational way to keep track of these guys. Use the fun colors of Ziploc® brand bags with easy open tabs to categorize your toys! For example, use magenta for musical instruments; blue for people, dolls, superheroes, and action figures; and green for doll hair accessories, etc. Color coding makes clean up time just a bit more fun, and it’s a little easier for kids to remember. And the easy open tabs make it even easier for little hands to pitch in. Color-coded clean up
Rebuilding After A Bedroom Toy Storm

Buh-bye lost pieces! See ya later bulky boxes!

Save space and time (and headaches) by taking puzzles out of their boxes. Say what? Empty all the pieces into a Ziploc® brand freezer, storage, or sandwich bag, and place a cutout of the finished puzzle from the box in the bag as a kind of label. Another helpful tip: Label the tab with the number of pieces (so your kids can easily decide how ambitious they’re feeling when picking out a puzzle). Buh-bye lost pieces! See ya later bulky boxes!
Rebuilding After A Bedroom Toy Storm

Taming toy mountain

Does it seem like your house is always bursting at the seams? Do you cringe when your kid gets another toy from a party? Do you dread birthdays just a little because of all the additional stuff you know you’ll need to make room for? We hear ya. Try implementing a “one-in/one-out” policy! Any time your kid receives a new toy, have them pick out an old one to donate. This helps you maintain your equilibrium when navigating the sea of toys, and teaches kids the importance of giving.


Keep an X-Large or XX-Large Ziploc® Big Bag in their closet or under the bed for the toys destined for donation. As your kids add an item, talk about how another child is going to be thrilled with this toy. Tell them they are making a difference by being so generous and get them excited about giving.


Once the bag is full, simply throw it in the back of the minivan, buckle in your kids, and head to your nearest donation center. You’ll feel relieved about scaling back on stuff, and your kids will feel important. Mom: 1. Toy-nado: 0.

Taming toy mountain
Rebuilding After A Bedroom Toy Storm